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FullSizeRender-31In January 2012, I was appointed Professor of History at The New School. Currently I am chair of the  Digital Humanities Initiative, which
includes the cross-divisional Digital Humanities Minor; I also chair the Race and Ethnicity and the Gender and Sexuality Studies pathways in the Bachelor’s Program for Adult and Returning Students (BPATS). You can read about my fall 2015 courses here.

I am the author of War on Crime: Bandits, G-Men and the Politics of Mass Culture (Rutgers University Press, 1998) and an editor, with Renee Romano, of Doing Recent History: On Privacy, Copyright, Video Games, Institutional Review Boards, Activist Scholarship, and History That Talks Back (University of Georgia Press, 2012).  I am currently writing a political history of anti-pornography campaigns, Beyond Pornography: Susan Brownmiller, Andrea Dworkin, Catherine MacKinnon and the Campaign to End Violence Against Women, 1968-2000; and a collection of essays on academia in the digital age, Digital U: Why Crowdsourcing, Social Media, Word Press and Google Hangouts Could Save the Humanities (forthcoming in spring 2017 from the University of North Carolina Press.)

I am a co-director of OutHistory.org, an LGBT digital history project, and a Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians. With Renee Romano of Oberlin College, I edit a series, Since 1970: Histories of Contemporary America, for the University of Georgia Press. I also serve on the editorial board of the Journal of the History of Sexuality.

Prior to working at The New School, I was Professor of History and American Studies at Wesleyan University. I received my BA in English Literature from Yale University and my Ph.D. in History from New York University.You can access my full c.v. here.

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212 229 5119 x 2275
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