More on Elizabeth Warren

At Public Seminar, we are fortunate to have a documentary photographer. Political scientist, activist, attorney and photographer Jo Freeman goes to political events and takes wonderful pictures, which our managing editor, Dara Levendosky, produces. Are you  all, “Wait — that Jo Freeman? `The Tyranny of Structurelessness’  (1970) Jo Freeman?” Yes, the very same. Now, aren’t … More More on Elizabeth Warren

How I Knew the #CovingtonBoys Video Was Clickbait

This was originally published at Public Seminar on January 24 2019. Everyone has a #CovingtonBoys story, and this is mine. It is a story about clickbait. It is a story about how an unknown political operative captured a real event that might never have been noticed at all, and turned it into a news tsunami during a … More How I Knew the #CovingtonBoys Video Was Clickbait

Election Day, 2018

In true old school blog style, you will have to read this post backwards, as the most recent entries will be at the top. This may cause you to want to go straight to the original, published throughout the day of November 7 2018 at Public Seminar. 10:23 p.m. NBC projects that Democrats will take the … More Election Day, 2018