What Happened at Hypatia?

Academic Facebook has melted down again: this week, it is philosophy’s turn. At the center of the controversy is Rhodes College assistant professor Rebecca Tuvel’s article, “In Defense of Transracialism,” published in the most recent issue of the feminist philosophy journal Hypatia. Analyzing Rachel Dolezal’s disputed assertion that, having been born to white parents, she believes herself to … More What Happened at Hypatia?

Review of Juliet Jacques, “Trans: A Memoir” in review 31

Juliet Jacques, Trans: A Memoir Verso, 288pp, £16.99, ISBN 9781781681644 ‘I decided my name should be Juliet when I was ten,’ Juliet Jacques confessed in her inaugural blog post for the Guardian that inspired Trans: A Memoir. She then ‘swiftly buried’ this thought, one that lurked in the back of her mind and returned forcefully … More Review of Juliet Jacques, “Trans: A Memoir” in review 31