What Happens Now? | review31

It’s a year after the American Election Day that shook the world, and a new book that seeks to explain the disaster of Donald Trump’s victory drops every few weeks. We political historians are scrambling to keep up. Last month, Hillary Clinton’s What Happened? hit the stands. How does it feel to be a smart and seasoned politician and lose to an uneducated novice? Not good! Not good at all! This month, it was Hacks, Donna Brazile’s account of the train wreck at the Democratic National Committee. Brazile, in grisly detail and in suspiciously naïve shock that there was ‘gambling in this establishment,’ confirms the first book out of the gate, Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes’ Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed CampaignShattered is a messy thriller that clearly had to be re-written in a matter of days to account for a campaign that wasn’t supposed to plank. By comparison, Susan Bordo’s The Destruction of Hillary Clinton reads like a mash up of all the angry Facebook posts written in defence of Clinton during the campaign, and you will learn nothing from it except that millennials suck.

For the rest of this essay, originally published on November 13 2017, go to review31.

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