Potter to Media: You Won’t Have Me….

to be nice to, and to send lovely cars for, in the near future. I ended my one-week Likability Tour this morning, with a brief appearance on CNN’s Michael Smerconish Show. The studio was in the spanky new Hudson Yards building on 33rd street and 10th Avenue, which was also fun.

The first thing I saw coming in was a coolio replica of the Iron Throne (Instagrammed that), since HBO is also part of Warner Media. As my escort and I passed into the studios that CNN has just moved into, perhaps the most unusual move-in look was the stacks of televisions, taller than me, strapped together with that stuff people wrap suitcases in at JFK airport, piled on pallets in the halls. Obviously, someone just comes by once in a while and grabs one.

You can see my segment here. Thanks to Michael for having me, and special thanks to Black feminist Twitter for constantly reiterating that over 90% of African-American women did vote for Hillary Clinton. I remembered at the right moment, sisters! Like a message in a bottle, I threw that important factoid back into the mainstream in my closing salvo.

I have been interested that the social media trolling and hate mail on these appearances has been light to nonexistent. On the way home, someone who posts rants in German on YouTube (an incel?) wrote me an email: “Are you a fucking jewish lesbian??????”

The answer is: much as I would like to be Jewish, I am not. However, there is a much lower bar to becoming a lesbian: the  lesbians don’t  refuse you three times, there are no classes to take, and basically they just say yes right away.


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