If your Mom invented the zipless f*ck…

…you might write for conservative publications too, just to troll her. Molly Jong-Fast, who described herself in 2011 as “a prude in a family of libertines” is writing for The Bulwark, which is now on my mid-day office reading list. Apparently this site is where the digital staff of The Weekly Standard fled: in other words, The Bulwark is a kind of Thunderdome for Never Trumpers.

Jong-Fast (described most places on the interwebz as a “liberal pundit,” which I think should be my next career) has a great piece up on Corey Lewandowski’s Congressional testimony. It could have only used a teeny bit more editing: for example, informing readers in the first paragraph — or ever — exactly which committee Lewandowski was shouting at (it was the House Judiciary Committee.) “Even for Lewandowski, who is famous for his displays of thuggishness,” Jong-Fast writes, “this was impressive. You’ll remember Corey as the president’s campaign manager when the president’s campaign consisted of him and three other people—Roger “the endless defendant” Stone, Sam Nunberg, and Paul “rotting in jail” Manafort.

Lewandowski, who is trying to knock off Incumbent New Hampshire Democract Jeanne Shaheen, bellowed non-stop every time he was asked a question, which Trump thought was awesome, and tweeted about. Lewandowski then managed to inadvertently admit to the majority counsel, criminal lawyer Barry Berke, that he is  Pinocchio and not a real boy at all. As Jong-Fast observes:

It’s almost as if criminal lawyers are better equipped to deal with the Trump administration than normal politicians are. Who could say why. It’s a mystery.

Berke did a brilliant job by playing clips of Corey lying on television and then asking Corey if he lied. It was a simple idea that had somehow completely eluded the Democrats on the committee. “That wasn’t true, was it, sir?” Berke asked Corey. And that’s when Lewandowski said the thing under oath that will probably not help his Senate campaign. “I have no obligation to be honest with the media” is probably going to be on Corey’s tombstone some day and it seems possible—just possible—that he may come to regret it.

Let’s hope so.

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