51% of voters want Trump impeached…

… and removed from office, so says this Fox News poll. This is up 9 points since July. The number of people who want Trump impeached but not removed from office has slipped from 5% to 4% — who are these people??? (H/T The Bulwark.)

Is this what Lachlen Murdoch meant by  the “post-Trump world,” a new phase of planning the news that Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine reported on in late September?

Meanwhile, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two Russians who helped Rudy Giuliani with his efforts to slander Joe Biden to conduct shuttle diplomacy with Ukraine, have been indicted by the Southern District for funnelling Russian money into Republican campaigns:

The Justice Department charges that Parnas and Fruman disguised the source of a $325,000 donation made in 2018 to America First, the main pro-Trump super PAC, by giving the money in the name of Global Energy Producers (GEP), a purported liquid natural gas company they controlled. Federal prosecutors say the company was, in essence, a front used to disguise the real source of the funds. The money for the political action committee actually came from “a private lending transaction between Fruman and third parties,” according to the indictment, which does not offer any further detail about the source of the money, and does not publicly identify America First as the recipient. (via The Washington Post)

America First is a Trump super PAC. They, and Jay Sekulow, a spokesman for Donald Trumps (growing) legal team is, of course, “shocked — SHOCKED — to find that gambling is going on in here!”

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