Here’s the Deal, Folks: A New Year’s Announcement

As we make the turn into a Trumpless 2021, Political Junkies is adding subscriber-only content

Slightly less than a year ago, Political Junkie launched with a post about the Democratic presidential primary campaign. That post described the experience of politics from a campaign volunteer’s perspective. It was written in the first person plural because this newsletter was one of the ways that the editorial board of Public Seminara weekly digital magazine based at The New School, hoped to leverage an audience I have been cultivating since 2006 to expand our audience.

I still co-edit and write for Public Seminar, but it has had its own weekly newsletter for the last six months, liberating me to use this platform exclusively for my own writing. Some of you followed the 2020 campaign here, as I transitioned from the Warren to the Biden campaign, and honed in on some of the defining issues of political life. Now, as we await the end of the Trump administration and the return to (a dim hope for) normalcy on January 20, 2021, I am taking the next step: paid content.

Go here to learn more!

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