Tech bros with tech woes at MIT Media Lab

In today’s New York Times Noam Cohen writes about another scandal, other than the Epstein money, bubbling along at M.I.T. Media Lab. But it’s related, since the vector in the Venn diagram of this project should be colored with your “ambition” and “recklessness” Crayolas: At the center of the project — the Open Agricultural Initiative, … More Tech bros with tech woes at MIT Media Lab

Election Day, 2018

In true old school blog style, you will have to read this post backwards, as the most recent entries will be at the top. This may cause you to want to go straight to the original, published throughout the day of November 7 2018 at Public Seminar. 10:23 p.m. NBC projects that Democrats will take the … More Election Day, 2018

We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

 On this July 4 I am in Poland, where President Andrzej Duda has just decapitated the judiciary, and Poles are, as I write, in the streets to protest the continuing theft of their democracy. Perhaps because of this, a stirring performance of Krzysztof Penderecki’s “Polish Requiem” I attended at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kraków last night, a … More We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

Royal Wedding Roundup

At Public Seminar we are feminists, so we don’t raise our daughters to be princesses. We are open-minded leftists, so we don’t fawn over the ruling classes, but we don’t long to guillotine them either. And we are anti-racists, so we haven’t declared an end to racism worldwide just because a multi-racial American TV star has married … More Royal Wedding Roundup