Royal Wedding Roundup

At Public Seminar we are feminists, so we don’t raise our daughters to be princesses. We are open-minded leftists, so we don’t fawn over the ruling classes, but we don’t long to guillotine them either. And we are anti-racists, so we haven’t declared an end to racism worldwide just because a multi-racial American TV star has married into the British royal family — but we do acknowledge that this change in the House of Windsor may be a very significant moment for English culture.

In other words, our general distaste for royalism does not prevent us from admitting that Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle not only seem like nice people. Their union is a landmark of sorts in the history of race and empire, prompting the first and (probably) last post you will ever see here about a royal wedding.

So, without further ado, here’s some coverage to help you recover from this much-anticipated event.

There’s more! To read the rest of this post, published at Public Seminar on May 20 2018, click here.

3 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Roundup

  1. Great post, Claire. I wanted to make a pitch for making the path to your full blog posts more direct. I have to click TWICE to do so— UNTHINKABLE, I know in this time=money day and age. No srsly, it is a legit deterrent. Can’t some smarty pants at the New School rig this up better???

    hope you are well.




  2. I could, of course, reprint them in full: have been trying to push my readers over to PS by doing it this way…but if it is a deterrent to reading them at all, I would reconsider. Because I love those clicks!


  3. Very enjoyable reading, though I’d propose there’s one more essay to write: what does it mean (if anything) that this is the first person to enter the so-called Royal Family who is an open feminist?


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