They Like Me

The follow up to this piece has been renewed media interest in the difficulty that women presidential candidates have meeting the likability standard. Today was Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC: you can watch it here. They sent a car for me and everything: and yes, you can wear jeans under the desk. A loved one texted me when I was in the car returning to my day job: “William McKinley? Really?” I know. Sorry.

I believe I will be on the Brian Lehrer Show on Wednesday at 10:30 for a live taping, and Sirius XM on Thursday at 10:04 (whose show? I don’t know.)

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “They Like Me

  1. Are those times above morning times? The McKinley thing worked for what you were using it for. There are so, so many other examples that one has to choose. I thought Mitchell’s producers were so smart to use that Hillary-Obama debate moment where his demurring “You’re not so bad” was painful when it happened and worse in hindsight. Next thing to ponder is how women play into the she is not likable thing, particularly young women who still cleave to Bernie. GREAT JOB!!!!


  2. Rachel Maddow was my fashion guide: in the makeup room too. I was like, “Do me like Rachel, minus the eyeshadow. Also, make me look 20 years younger.” They are total pros.


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