The turning point to impeachment…

..was the culmination of contemptuous confrontations the Trump administration has been provoking with Congressional Democrats for almost three  years. Something had to give. That something came later that night, in the form of a Washington Post scoop about a whistleblower complaint from a member of the U.S. intelligence community about a promise Trump had made to a … More The turning point to impeachment…

When Donald Trump says “fake news”, autocrats jail journalists

So says Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times. Perhaps the most chilling portion of the story Sulzberger tells is about a call the Times received from “a U.S. government official” saying that the Trump administration knew journalist Declan Walsh was about to be arrested by the Egyptian government and planned to do nothing about it. … More When Donald Trump says “fake news”, autocrats jail journalists

Don’t cry for me….

…ARGENTINA! New School economics grad student Santiago Mandirola’s super-smart essay on the ubiquitous presence of the American dollar in the life of Argentinians. At Public Seminar, of course. And even though I am going image-free at Tenured Radical 3.0 (yes, the truth is I never left you) I can’t help posting this video:

Tech bros with tech woes at MIT Media Lab

In today’s New York Times Noam Cohen writes about another scandal, other than the Epstein money, bubbling along at M.I.T. Media Lab. But it’s related, since the vector in the Venn diagram of this project should be colored with your “ambition” and “recklessness” Crayolas: At the center of the project — the Open Agricultural Initiative, … More Tech bros with tech woes at MIT Media Lab

Farhad Manjoo asks: what could be worse than Trump?

President Tucker Carlson. In today’s New York Times, the “white national economic populist” who is pretty, speaks in complete sentences, and seems to understand policy. Where Trump was a chaotic, undisciplined narcissist, the Carlson who wins in 2024 is a canny political strategist who makes good on Trump’s forgotten promise to embrace anti-corporate economic policies. … More Farhad Manjoo asks: what could be worse than Trump?

More on Elizabeth Warren

At Public Seminar, we are fortunate to have a documentary photographer. Political scientist, activist, attorney and photographer Jo Freeman goes to political events and takes wonderful pictures, which our managing editor, Dara Levendosky, produces. Are you  all, “Wait — that Jo Freeman? `The Tyranny of Structurelessness’  (1970) Jo Freeman?” Yes, the very same. Now, aren’t … More More on Elizabeth Warren